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Commercial Refurbishment

Commercial refurbishment specialists, DWilson Builders are experts in all areas of commercial refurbishment from design to completion. DWilson Builders have many years experience planning and delivering refurbishment projects of the highest quality, from installing interiors through to the complete commercial refurbishment. If you are considering a commercial property refurbishment, DWilson Builders are an efficient team with quick response and decision-making times able to handle the refurbishment of a small factory or retail unit through to the largest industrial sites.

It all starts with space planning

Before any work or reorganisation begins, we first need to look at the space available and how it will be used. Effective space planning is essential in any project and takes into account your current working practices as well as the future requirements. It will transform your workspace and help introduce new efficient and productive areas. However, if you are starting with the blank canvas of a new build and need a complete fitout, or own a property that needs dilapidation work prior to marketing, then we can undertake all aspects of preparation, making sure the correct decisions are made from the outset to ensure a pain free refurbishment.

Need advice about Commercial Refurbishment?

Commercial refurbishment is a wide ranging term used when describing the renovating or reorganising of commercial properties and offices If you need free advice from a commercial refurbishment specialists then please contact D Wilson Builders on 01702 548811 or email us at darren@dwilsonbuilders.com and we will be happy to help.